[wix-users] MS-RL License for existing dialogs

Michael Behrisch oss at behrisch.de
Mon Mar 7 01:11:28 PST 2022

Hi Bevan,

Am 06.03.22 um 11:10 schrieb Bevan Weiss:
> I think it would be very difficult to get all past contributors to the WiX files to sign over to an alternative license.

I understand that, we did that some years ago. But the number of 
contributions to those files seems rather small 
and apparently it was once available under a different license: 
so I thought you can maybe manage another change.

> I'm also unsure why you'd need to, given you already use the Eclipse Public License. My understanding is the two licences are very similar, if you are providing your product in object format, you must make the source available upon request, and you must include derivative works in that source code.

Yes, I thought so too. But the point is not so much in the license 
itself but it allows to license the code under GPL as well (an option 
our users are using actively) so we strive to be compatible here too.
(Furthermore I thought it might be beneficial for WiX as a whole to be 
easily usable for everyone.)

Best regards,

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