[wix-users] Creating a NuGet package from a WiX Library

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As you've found, NuGet doesn't really play well with WiX v3 (WiX v3 was designed long before NuGet came to be). This is improving in WiX v4.

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This is probably an odd question 😃, but do you happen to know what I have to do to get the output from a WiX library into a NuGet package that will work correctly when added to a WiX setup project?  I download the source code for the Wix.Toolset NuGet package and that adds some XML to the wixproj manually.  I assume I will have to do something similar.

The second question is how to get a regular NuGet package to work with the Wix Setup project.  I have a base CustomActions assembly that we have in a NuGet package on our local NuGet server.  When I try to add that I get an error that my NuGet package does not support the targets type of “Unsupported”.


You are trying to install this package into a project that targets 'Unsupported,Version=v0.0'

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