[wix-users] Remove cached ExePackage?

Kevin Mackey kmackey at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 16:11:45 PST 2020

My bundle has an ExePackage for an installer (MSI wrapped in a simple
custom bootstrapper) that runs optionally when the user clicks a checkbox
in the bundle UI. I cache that optional installer so that the user can run
the optional installer later by modifying the bundle, and click the
checkbox for the optional installer. Once the bundle runs the installer,
the bundle no longer interacts with that installer (doesn't repair,
uninstall, etc.). Instead, that product is shown in Apps & Features, so the
user can repair or uninstall that product. Here are the main (I think)
ExePackage settings:


The problem I'm having is that the cached optional installer is being left
behind if the bundle is uninstalled before the optional product is
uninstalled (cached installer is removed if optional product is uninstalled
before the bundle is uninstalled). I can't see any way to do this with the
standard bundle and ExePackage settings. I think I've tried all the

I realize this is a special case for an ExePackage in the bundle, but it
seems there should be a way to tell the bundle to remove the cached
installer when uninstalling the bundle.


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