[wix-users] How to call dll function from Wix

Jayaprakash, Bs bs.jayaprakash at intel.com
Tue May 7 10:04:13 PDT 2019


Couple of questions:

1.       Could you please suggest how to call a 3rd party DLL in Wix script with parameters

We have a DLL which need input parameters to work. We need to add that DLL into Wix installer and call a function from that DLL.
For Example: BOOL Checkfilepresent (Folderpath, Statuscheck ); - This function is present in dll.
Can you let me know how to call this API from Wix?

2.       We have dll which has below issue
Tested method
We have tried the Wix managed custom action C++ method and created a Customaction.dll and passed the input parameters from product.wxs and created a product.msi

Build msi is working on our system but it is not working on another system(deployable system).
Is that because of missing dependencies?. I have copied all supporting DLL with the msi. Still not working.
Does it have any dotnet dependencies?

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