[wix-users] TypeLib/@MinorVersion attribute's value is out of range

Sipos Máté mobilephoner.sipos at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 08:24:15 PST 2019

Dear WiX users!

I am currently creating an installer for an IO-Link Device Configuration
Tool using iFDT for communication (TCI). This requires the installer to
register the FDT COM object. I generated code automatically with heat.exe,
as you can see below.

<TypeLib Id="{036D1471-387B-11D4-86E1-00E0987270B9}" Description="Fdt100"
HelpDirectory="INSTALLFOLDER" Language="0" MajorVersion="1"

The problem is, FDT has a wrong versioning, and I cannot change that. It is
from 2005, it is proprietary, I have to deal with it. The Minor Version
attribute is 20100, which is out of range, so WiX cannot compile the

6>C:\svn\ICBT_034\trunk\IO-Link Control Tool 4.0\Control Tool Installer
WiX\Product.wxs(137,0): error CNDL0123: The TypeLib/@MinorVersion
attribute's value, '20100', is not in the range of legal values.  Legal
values for this attribute are from 0 to 255.

To overcome the issue I am using the SelfRegCost now, which is not the
best. It does not handle HELPDIR properly.

<File Id="FDTsys" Name="FDT100.DLL" Source="Other\fdt100.dll"

Could you make it possible, to change this into a suppressable ICE warning
Should I forward this to GitHub as a bug?

Sincerely, Máté Sipos

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