[wix-users] TypeLib/@MinorVersion attribute's value is out of range

Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
Sat Mar 9 04:28:33 PST 2019

You could always skip the TypeLib element and use the corresponding Registry elements instead.  Set the Adverstise attribute to no and build the MSI then look at it in ORCA.  You'll see all the entries in the Registry table rather then the TypeLib table.   Dark that or use it as reference and then tweak the version value to whatever you need it to be.

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Dear WiX users!

I am currently creating an installer for an IO-Link Device Configuration
Tool using iFDT for communication (TCI). This requires the installer to
register the FDT COM object. I generated code automatically with heat.exe,
as you can see below.

<TypeLib Id="{036D1471-387B-11D4-86E1-00E0987270B9}" Description="Fdt100"
HelpDirectory="INSTALLFOLDER" Language="0" MajorVersion="1"

The problem is, FDT has a wrong versioning, and I cannot change that. It is
from 2005, it is proprietary, I have to deal with it. The Minor Version
attribute is 20100, which is out of range, so WiX cannot compile the

6>C:\svn\ICBT_034\trunk\IO-Link Control Tool 4.0\Control Tool Installer
WiX\Product.wxs(137,0): error CNDL0123: The TypeLib/@MinorVersion
attribute's value, '20100', is not in the range of legal values.  Legal
values for this attribute are from 0 to 255.

To overcome the issue I am using the SelfRegCost now, which is not the
best. It does not handle HELPDIR properly.

<File Id="FDTsys" Name="FDT100.DLL" Source="Other\fdt100.dll"

Could you make it possible, to change this into a suppressable ICE warning
Should I forward this to GitHub as a bug?

Sincerely, Máté Sipos

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