[wix-users] Avoid Bundle Resume After Reboot

Blair Murri osito at live.com
Tue Jan 29 09:54:15 PST 2019

I don't believe the rerun registration can be suppressed, but the bundle does try as hard as it can to be the one that manages rebooting by any processes it launches. If some process launched (directly or indirectly) initiates a reboot, you should do all you can to prevent that (via command line args, etc). It wouldn't initiate the reboot if you asked it not to, but that doesn't change its efforts WRT other processes.

If the reboot is initiated by a process unrelated to the installation, could your deployment agent try using the Window API for blocking shutdowns (e.g. WM_QUERYENDSESSION and its companions)?

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I have an unusual question. Is it possible to stop a bundle from
registering itself to resume after a reboot?

We have a deployment agent that wants to be in charge of restarting our
bundle after a system reboots. If the bundle requests the reboot, then it
is somewhat trivial to pass /norestart on the command line and inject a
step that removes the RunOnce value after the bundle completes but before
the system is actually rebooted. But if the system is rebooted by some
other process, then the agent's step to remove the RunOnce value has not
been executed which results in our bundle automatically resuming

I understand that under normal circumstances it is incredibly beneficial to
have the automatic resume but in this case the deployment agent wants to be
in control of when these deployments are restarted.

Any thoughts?

Edwin G. Castro

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