[wix-users] Avoid Bundle Resume After Reboot

Edwin Castro egcastr at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 12:34:05 PST 2019

Thanks Blair!

I'm going to educate myself in WM_QUERYENDSESSION. Based on messages I've
seen in bundle logs I guess that burn might handle WM_QUERYENDSESSION
itself too. Is that a correct guess?

This still will not protect us against automatic resume after a system
crash but perhaps we can limit automatic resume to just system crashes.

Edwin G. Castro

On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 9:54 AM Blair Murri via wix-users <
wix-users at lists.wixtoolset.org> wrote:

> I don't believe the rerun registration can be suppressed, but the bundle
> does try as hard as it can to be the one that manages rebooting by any
> processes it launches. If some process launched (directly or indirectly)
> initiates a reboot, you should do all you can to prevent that (via command
> line args, etc). It wouldn't initiate the reboot if you asked it not to,
> but that doesn't change its efforts WRT other processes.
> If the reboot is initiated by a process unrelated to the installation,
> could your deployment agent try using the Window API for blocking shutdowns
> (e.g. WM_QUERYENDSESSION and its companions)?
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> Subject: [wix-users] Avoid Bundle Resume After Reboot
> I have an unusual question. Is it possible to stop a bundle from
> registering itself to resume after a reboot?
> We have a deployment agent that wants to be in charge of restarting our
> bundle after a system reboots. If the bundle requests the reboot, then it
> is somewhat trivial to pass /norestart on the command line and inject a
> step that removes the RunOnce value after the bundle completes but before
> the system is actually rebooted. But if the system is rebooted by some
> other process, then the agent's step to remove the RunOnce value has not
> been executed which results in our bundle automatically resuming
> post-reboot.
> I understand that under normal circumstances it is incredibly beneficial to
> have the automatic resume but in this case the deployment agent wants to be
> in control of when these deployments are restarted.
> Any thoughts?
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> Edwin G. Castro
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