[wix-users] Platform variable value for Suffix in IIS Custom Action

Ven H venh.123 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 09:18:23 PST 2019

For IIS Custom Action (Built-in), there is a following line of code.

<Custom Action="ConfigureIIs$(var.Suffix)" Before="RegisterUser"></Custom>

In the above line there is a variable $(var.Suffix), which is defined as

 <?if $(var.platform)="x86" ?>
  <?define Suffix="" ?>
  <?define DeferredSuffix="" ?>
  <?endif ?>

  <?if $(var.platform)="x64" ?>
  <?define Suffix="_x64" ?>
  <?define DeferredSuffix="_64" ?>
  <?endif ?>

I am not sure how to get the value of platform variable for Windows 2012 or
Windows 2014 or Windows 2016 Server OS in my MSI? Can anyone please help?

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