[wix-users] Regarding Database deployments using WiX

Ven H venh.123 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 09:10:05 PST 2019

I have around 8 Databases that need to be installed using WiX. There are
some objects that need to be created in MSDB also. I also need to populate
master data in many of the databases post creating the DBs. The master data
is in the form of insert statements, wherein audio files are also converted
to binary. Hence the data files are pretty big.

I am using SqlDatabase and SqlScript elements to achieve this. But I am
facing some challenges.
1. The SqlScript seems to be scheduling everything and then executing the
scripts. This is slowing down the whole installation, especially with big
files having data and large number of files. I saw the below link with a
similar issue way back in 2008, but there doesn't seem to be a solution.
2. The SqlScript doesn't accept parameters.
3. The status during execution of DB installation is a little confusing. In
UI, it is showing Creating Databases, but in the logs, it is actually doing
Scheduling. Can we get detailed status and display that, including which
binary file is executing currently and so on?
4. How to manage Patch and Upgrades using SqlScript elements
5. If I use SqlCmd for everything, things might be a little faster, but
then I may have to go for Custom Actions. Also, not sure how to manage
Patches and Upgrades with SqlCmd

Has anyone faced the above issues? If so, can you please advise?

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