[wix-users] Platform variable value for Suffix in IIS Custom Action

Blair Murri osito at live.com
Wed Jan 23 15:51:21 PST 2019

What are you trying to do? The supported way to use the IIS custom action is to use the WiX IIS extension, which will schedule it for you.

If you are trying to reference the custom action (to change its location in the installation sequence, or to schedule other actions relative to this one) the name of the custom action depends on the platform of the MSI, not the platform of the machine it's run on.

var.platform will be set in your WiX sources for you, based on the command-line switches/project settings you build with.

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For IIS Custom Action (Built-in), there is a following line of code.

<Custom Action="ConfigureIIs$(var.Suffix)" Before="RegisterUser"></Custom>

In the above line there is a variable $(var.Suffix), which is defined as

 <?if $(var.platform)="x86" ?>
  <?define Suffix="" ?>
  <?define DeferredSuffix="" ?>
  <?endif ?>

  <?if $(var.platform)="x64" ?>
  <?define Suffix="_x64" ?>
  <?define DeferredSuffix="_64" ?>
  <?endif ?>

I am not sure how to get the value of platform variable for Windows 2012 or
Windows 2014 or Windows 2016 Server OS in my MSI? Can anyone please help?

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