[wix-users] Registry cleanup when uninstalling a per machine installation

Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
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Is this a VSTO based solution?  If so, I had a number of blog articles about 10 years ago that touched on how to get Office to replicate those registry values for you.  You then use a custom action to write a final  value to HKLM on uninstall that then tells  office to remove the replicated values after that.

For a number of  years I wrote a bunch of VSTO AddIn installers for various clients.  That seems to have died off now though.  I know the new AddIn model is  "modern" ( React/Angular/JQuery  HTML/CSS/JS stack )  so that AddIns can work in both an installed application and Office 365 version.  I haven't had the occasion to research that deployment model though.

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I have an outlook add-in that is being installed using a per machine msi package. When in use it will add some user specific registry entries. Is there any way I can ensure that the user specific registry entries are removed when the plug-in is uninstalled?

I know how to cleanup per machine registry entries but I do not know of any way to remove things that may be at the user level.

Does anybody have any suggestions?


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