[wix-users] Multilingual MSI installer

Barry Leslie Barry.Leslie at TeamDrive.com
Tue Nov 20 14:45:44 PST 2018


I have been trying to build a Multilingual MSI installer with out any luck.
I have been following the instructions here: 

https://www.packtpub.com/mapt/book/application_development/9781849513722/12/ch12lvl1sec79/creating-a-multi-language-msi <https://www.packtpub.com/mapt/book/application_development/9781849513722/12/ch12lvl1sec79/creating-a-multi-language-msi>

as well as here: 

http://www.installsite.org/pages/en/msi/articles/embeddedlang/ <http://www.installsite.org/pages/en/msi/articles/embeddedlang/>

and here:

https://www.hass.de/content/how-create-msi-packages-multilingual-user-interface-mui <https://www.hass.de/content/how-create-msi-packages-multilingual-user-interface-mui>

I was able to use msiTrans and msidb to build an msi package that could install in German or English when started from the command line with:
msiexec  myInstaller.msi TRANSFORM=“:de-DE.msi"

But what I want is a single msi package that when opened will start the installation process in the users language. 

Here is what I have done:
1) Build a German and an English version of myInstaller.msi 
2) Copy the English  myInstaller.msi into the folder with the Gernam  myInstaller.msi renaming it  myInstaller_en.msi
3) torch -t language  myInstaller.msi myInstaller_en.msi -out en.mst
4) cscript WiSubStg.vbs myInstaller.msi  en.mst 1033
5)  cscript WiLangId.vbs myInstaller.msi  Package 1033,1031

If I then click  myInstaller.msi  to install it I would expect it to start in English because it is running on an English system but it starts in German.

One significant note, I am using wix tool set v4.0. I inherited this project and the original developer told me he used v4.0 rather than v3.11 because it had a bug fix the other did not, I think the bug had something to do with VM machines. I do not know if this is actually true or not. The torch that came with v4.0 didn’t work where the v3.11 torch did so that may also be the problem.

All the references to this build process seem to be fairly old so I do not know if this is the current state of the art or if there is a better way to do this.

Any help at all on this would be appreciated. 

At this point I am considering switching to the current V3 wix tool set and hope that the VM bug was not real or there is a better work around for it.


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