[wix-users] 1st time novice

Habib Salim habib at hsalim.com
Tue Jul 17 08:01:54 PDT 2018

WiX is just an installer. It has nothing to do with licensing.

I've developed a few excel addins (nothing terribly fancy).  I've only used 
the built-in deploy/publisher, which has been adequate for me.

We have three windows applications that we install using WiX.  We have our 
own licensing module which seems to work decently well for us for now but I 
imagine we may have to seriously consider other tools as our needs evolve.
I looked into a few 3rd party tools - Reprise was one - seemed pretty robust 
but cost prohibitive.
I came across Lime LM recently.  Have been meaning to look into it.

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Forgive me for my ignorance as I am new to exploring how to build websites 
and deploy software.  I've been doing development for 30+ years in SAP and 
COBOL Mainframe way back when but this stuff is new to me.
I've developed add-ins for excel that are dll compiled versions that I want 
to secure with a license and have it installed via msi file.  Here are my 
1.  Can secure licensing be achieved with Wix 2.  I have no clue what I 
should be downloading from the below toolset to get started :)


   - 32.8 MB  wix311-binaries.zip
   - 44.8 MB  wix311-debug.zip
   - 26.6 MB  wix311.exe
   - 26 MB  wix311exe.zip
   -  Source code (zip)
   -  Source code (tar.gz)

thanks for any guidance.

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