[wix-users] Installing driver using cutomAction DriverPackageInstall in wix installer

sachin shinde sachincse1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 08:12:20 PDT 2018

I have a driver installing using DriverPackageInstall, and uninstall
DriverPackageUnInstall in wix installer. It works very well, If install and
Uninstall driver version

But when I install and upgrade it works well replaces
drivers with binaries.

But when I uninstall, driver is not uninstalled, checked logs found that
uninstallation successful DriverPackageUnInstall return 0, also
logContext.difxError is also 0.

Not able to figure why driver is not being uninstalled.

 <Custom Action='InstallDriverAction'
         After='InstallFiles'>NOT Installed</Custom>

 <Custom Action='UninstallDriverAction'
                Installed AND NOT UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE</Custom>
One observation is driver,cat,inf of version is still present at
DRVSTORE, and driver with deleted.

Any help will appreciated.


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