[wix-users] BurnBootStrapper is not detecting already installed chain item

Srinivas srinivasmsis at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 02:31:44 PST 2018


I have a software (A.msi with version 1.0). I have installed the software
independently. Everything is good. In ControlPanel, it is showing 1.0.

Now i have bundled A.msi with version 1.1 using Burn BootStrapper. I have
installed the exe on the top of existing system which already has 1.0 in it.

Now in the ControlPanel, it is showing both 1.0 and 1.1 software. 1.0 was
installed independently, where in 1.1 was installed using Burn

Burn is not detecting the software needs to be upgraded. Wherein when we
upgrade independently, it is good. But when we upgrade using Burn, it is
creating multiple entries of A in Control Panel

Why Burn Bootstrapper is not detecting A.msi need to be upgraded to 1.1 ?

How do i fix this issue ?


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