[wix-users] saving a project in Visual Studio

easoftware at gmail.com easoftware at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 11:40:58 PST 2018

I am just getting started with WiX.  I am using Visual Studio 2017

If I create a new, stand alone Wix Project in VS, when I save the project,
VS just hangs, and I see the windows wait cursor.  In the Save Project
windows, the title changes to "Save Project (Not Responding), and the
Visual Studio window, the title changes to "SetupProject1 - Microsoft
Visual Studio (Not Responding)"

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open Visual Studio 2017
2) File/New Project/Setup Project for Wix v3
3) Save

I have uninstalled/reinstalled Wix311 and Votive2017, but the prolem

If I create a simple project with a Hello World form, and add a WiX setup
project to the HelloWorld project, then I can save.

So when I create a stand alone WiX project and save it, VS crashes.  An WiX
project added to an existing solution save fine.

What can I do to get VS to save a StandAlone WiX project?


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