[wix-users] Update of burn bootstrappers behaving abnormally

Blair Murri osito at live.com
Fri Aug 25 08:32:37 PDT 2017

It is by design that the old bundle is run to remove itself. It's modeled after the same design in which the stripped cached copy of the old installed msi is run in order to remove it during upgrades. Normally that runs without any issues.

Which version of burn was used to generate the old bundles, and which version is generating the new ones? What bootstrapper application did you use in the old bundles? And how are they “getting stuck”?

Blair Murri

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Subject: [wix-users] Update of burn bootstrappers behaving abnormally

Hi all,

I have created a burn bootstrapper wrapping up some pre-requisites and my
own MSIs. These install fine on a fresh machine. Updating works well
mostly. But at times I am running into issues where the bootstrapper is not
properly updating the packages. At times like this, it is launching old
bootstrappers from the cache. I could verify this because I have versions
printed on my bootstrapper UI. When it launches old installers, they get
stuck and require user intervention to close. In a machine that is in such
a state, if I go to program data and remove the cached MSIs and remove
cached MSIs from app data local and roaming folders, and uninstall existing
MSIs from control panel and if I install it again, then it installs fine.
What is this behavior I am experiencing? Because of this, the installer's
behavior has become very unpredictable. Should I remove these cached MSIs
every time an installation completes? is it safe to do so? Any help would
be much appreciated.

I am using WiX 3.10 with .Net 4.5. I have attached my
OnDetectPackageComplete event implementation below just in case you need to

private void OnDetectPackageComplete(object sender,
DetectPackageCompleteEventArgs e)

            if (e.PackageId == "MyInstallerID1" || e.PackageId ==
"MyInstallerID2" || e.PackageId == "MyInstallerID3")
                if (e.State == PackageState.Absent)
                    InstallEnabled = true;
                else if (e.State == PackageState.Present)
                    UninstallEnabled = true;
                    repairFiles = true;


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