[wix-users] Resolving a CNDL1150 warning

mark at optimiumhealth.com mark at optimiumhealth.com
Fri Aug 25 08:53:42 PDT 2017

*	Which version of WiX are you building with?

*	Which version of Visual Studio are you building with (if any)?

Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition Update 3

*	Which version of the WiX Toolset Visual Studio Extension are you
building with (if any)?

*	Which version of .NET are you building with?

The projects that build the services are targeting 4.5.2
The system is running 4.7

*	If the problem occurs when installing your packages built with WiX,
what is the version of Windows the package is running on?


*	Describe the problem and the steps to reproduce it.

In a ServiceInstall element of my WIX project I have an element

<ServiceConfig DelayedAutoStart="yes" OnInstall="yes" OnReinstall ="yes" />

This generates a 'warning CNDL1150: ServiceConfig functionality is
documented in the Windows Installer SDK to "not [work] as expected."
Consider replacing ServiceConfig with the WixUtilExtension ServiceConfig

I then added the WixUtilExtension to the project, added the appropriate
XLMNS reference, changed the element to

<wixutil:ServiceConfig DelayedAutoStart="yes" OnInstall="yes" OnReinstall
="yes" />

Intellisense shows that all three of the attributes are not declared and
indeed the build generates three CNDL004 'undefined attribute' errors.

*	Describe the behavior you expected and how it differed from the
actual behavior.

I expect to be able to replace 'ServiceConfig' with 'wixutil:ServiceConfig'
and to still be able to set the needed three attributes, Alternatively I
need some documentation on how to set these attributes without the
'ServiceConfig' element.





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