[wix-users] Resolving a CNDL1150 warning

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Windows Services provides the ability to automatically perform predefined actions in response to a failure in a service. To support programmatically setting up these Recovery Actions when a service fails, MsiServiceConfigFailureActions was added to MSI in version MSI 5.0. However, this functionality is not working as expected.
To workaround this issue, an application developer should use the Custom Action functionality in MSI to run sc.exe and set the Recovery Options appropriately.

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*	Which version of WiX are you building with?

*	Which version of Visual Studio are you building with (if any)?

Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition Update 3

*	Which version of the WiX Toolset Visual Studio Extension are you
building with (if any)?

*	Which version of .NET are you building with?

The projects that build the services are targeting 4.5.2 The system is running 4.7

*	If the problem occurs when installing your packages built with WiX,
what is the version of Windows the package is running on?


*	Describe the problem and the steps to reproduce it.

In a ServiceInstall element of my WIX project I have an element

<ServiceConfig DelayedAutoStart="yes" OnInstall="yes" OnReinstall ="yes" />

This generates a 'warning CNDL1150: ServiceConfig functionality is documented in the Windows Installer SDK to "not [work] as expected."
Consider replacing ServiceConfig with the WixUtilExtension ServiceConfig element'

I then added the WixUtilExtension to the project, added the appropriate XLMNS reference, changed the element to

<wixutil:ServiceConfig DelayedAutoStart="yes" OnInstall="yes" OnReinstall ="yes" />

Intellisense shows that all three of the attributes are not declared and indeed the build generates three CNDL004 'undefined attribute' errors.

*	Describe the behavior you expected and how it differed from the
actual behavior.

I expect to be able to replace 'ServiceConfig' with 'wixutil:ServiceConfig'
and to still be able to set the needed three attributes, Alternatively I need some documentation on how to set these attributes without the 'ServiceConfig' element.





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