[wix-users] Bundle.wxs-> MSI Package modification

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1) Yes, see <Variable Name="..." bal:Overridable="yes" Type="numeric" Value="0" Persisted="yes" /> and xmlns:bal="http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/BalExtension" along side of <MsiProperty .../>
2) No.  While you could show the MSI's the bundle is not just a chainer, it get installed and will be in ARP.

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Hi All
I am new to wix bundle. I need to merge two MSI packages that belong to two different products. I tried using Wix Bundle project for accomplishing this. I have following questions
1) Is it possible to Customize the MSI package through the Bootstrapper UI?.
Can I pass MSI paramter to the MSI package through exe at run time?. Ask user to enter the value for the parameters and pass those values to the MSI package?
2)After installing the exe, is it possible to have two separate installed MSIs. On the control panel\Programs and features, I should see two MSI installed and not the exe

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