[wix-users] Merge Module Questions

Edwin Castro egcastr at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 11:55:44 PDT 2017

First time producing a merge module. I need to provide estimates for
the work but I have some questions on how merge modules work and how
they're used before I can finish my estimates. Hopefully somebody on
this list can help guide me.

1. Is the package guid really static for merge modules? Is there any
time when the package guid for a merge module must change? For
example, on a new version of a merge module? What about new CI builds
for the same version?

2. Is the Dependency element a WiX-only concept? Would that help an
MSI authored with InstallShield ensure my dependencies are merged?

3. We have a standalone product (currently installed via a burn
bundle) that cannot be installed at the same time as this new merge
module. I can ask the consumer of the merge module to update their
upgrade table to uninstall the MSI for our standalone product BUT what
about the bundle? During uninstall the bundle just uninstalls our
standalone MSI because all other packages are left installed. Is there
an API to find and remove the bundle registration and files from the
package cache?

Edwin G. Castro

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