[wix-users] customize burn bootstrapper application

Ike Casteleyn Ike.Casteleyn at compufit.be
Wed Dec 9 07:42:22 PST 2015


I'm looking into using burn as a bootstrapper application, but I can't figure out a few things.

It seems the bootstrapper is in English.
Can this be changed so that the current system-locale is used (I need different languages: french, german, english)

Is there a bootstrapper application that doesn't have a license box.
I would just need the "install", "cancel" button.
Optionally a language-combo (allthough I can probably just give the current system local as that is a property) to launch my multi-language msi

I also noticed that the bootstrapper application remains open until my custom msi is finished installing (when using DisplayInternalUI=yes).
Can this be closed immedately after my msi start (which is the last in the chain)?

Best regards
Ike Casteleyn

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