[wix-devs] WiX convert info messages

Mark Stega mark at optimiumhealth.com
Wed Jan 19 05:59:17 PST 2022

@robmen --Thanks, indeed the PR that you did removes the need for v142

I have the converter largely complete with a new 'OnInformation' method. What it did however was to break the assertions that count errors as I didn't increase the error count for information messages.

I see two ways to fix this and want an opinion of which direction you would prefer:

1) Simple increment the 'errors' member in 'OnInformation'

2) Add a new counter for InformationalMessages, increment that in 'OnInformation',   change the 'ConvertFile' & 'ConvertDocument' methods to return a tuple <int, int> of errors & informationalMessages, and finally change the test fixtures to be something like

            var errors = converter.ConvertDocument(document);
            Assert.Equal(0, errors.Item1); 
           Assert.Equal(10, errors.Item2);

#1 has the advantage of being easy

#2 has the advantage of better testing and differentiation of expected errors and information

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