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Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
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I think Option #1 is the way to go. I think the return code should be considered "errors + fixes". When the return code is 0 that means there is nothing left in the code that is "wrong" and nothing left that was fixed so you (the user of the tool) can stop converting now.

Does that thinking work?

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@robmen --Thanks, indeed the PR that you did removes the need for v142

I have the converter largely complete with a new 'OnInformation' method. What it did however was to break the assertions that count errors as I didn't increase the error count for information messages.

I see two ways to fix this and want an opinion of which direction you would prefer:

1) Simple increment the 'errors' member in 'OnInformation'

2) Add a new counter for InformationalMessages, increment that in 'OnInformation',   change the 'ConvertFile' & 'ConvertDocument' methods to return a tuple <int, int> of errors & informationalMessages, and finally change the test fixtures to be something like

            var errors = converter.ConvertDocument(document);
            Assert.Equal(0, errors.Item1); 
           Assert.Equal(10, errors.Item2);

#1 has the advantage of being easy

#2 has the advantage of better testing and differentiation of expected errors and information ____________________________________________________________________
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