[wix-devs] Dtf repository MakeSfxCA and SfxCa tools

ksociety85 at gmail.com ksociety85 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 09:26:03 PDT 2020

I'm interested in publishing MakeSfxCA and SfxCA (Dtf repository) for
compatibility reasons with the WixSharp project.

Here are the details https://github.com/oleg-shilo/wixsharp/issues/806 about
how I ended up here.

Currently Visual Studio cannot load the MakeSfxCA project because it cannot
find the file "WixBuild.targets" even the SfxCA project I can't load.

I'd be happy to collaborate, I'm a big fun of the WiX Toolset and the
WixSharp projects.

How can I start?



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