[wix-users] Creating a stub to download an MSI which changes more frequently

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Thu Jan 12 21:36:30 PST 2023

Just download the new bundle. Like you said, it's really small. There are update options in Burn already available to make the UX seamless.

Short answers:

1. Yes.
2. Already exists but only for ExePackage and that has problems and it only continues to exist because Microsoft doesn't understand URLs.

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I would like to build a small bundle using burn which downloads a larger main package from a URL. This already works well! But I would also like to be able to update the main package without refreshing the bundle - that is, replace the package on the web endpoint with a newer one without releasing an update to the bundle.

Today this doesn't appear to be possible because the bundle contains a hash of the package to download. To make it possible, I would have to modify the bundle code to just check the package signature and not the hash.

My questions:
1) Is there a fundamental problem with this approach?
2) If I make a pull request to introduce a 'check signature only' option, is that something that might be of use or is it not something that would be considered (perhaps because of #1)?


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