[wix-users] Fixed Installation Path

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Thu Feb 23 07:49:50 PST 2023

If you don't want the UI to show up with buttons to change the directory, don't add UI dialogs that do that. If you don't want the Directory to be configurable from the command line don't make it all caps.

Some additional context on the last point:

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I'm wanting an installer that will always install to a specific location, i.e. the user cannot change the path to where it's installed. 
I'm currently using CPack with a WIX template to set the location desired. I can't find information on is how to prevent the user from changing the installation location. Is there a way to do this, e.g. 
prevent the custom component view from appear, prevent the browse button from appearing, etc.?



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