[wix-users] Can anyone point me to a working example of how to use EmbeddedChainer to launch a .msi from a .msi?

Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
Wed Oct 19 11:05:07 PDT 2022

That answer is only 99% correct.  There are two mutex

One that prevents two execute sequences machine wide
One that prevents two UI sequences in the same process

It is technically possible to launch a parent MSI in full UI mode and using a custom action from the InstallUISequence table to launch another installer out of process.  However it's use is very limited.

MSI has some chaining functionality introduced later on in its life but they are kinda sketch.  I'd recommend that you look at using WiX Burn to make a bootstrapper that chains your installers together.

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I want to launch a .msi from another .msi but have not found a way to do that. All I could find was a note at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9194554/custom-wix-action-to-call-depending-msi-on-first-installation that says:
"Windows Installer doesn't allow two installations to run at the same time. Thus this approach will not work. What you need is MSI chaining. You can use the EmbeddedChainer<http://wix.sourceforge.net/manual-wix3/wix_xsd_embeddedchainer.htm> element"

If someone has a working example using EmbeddedChainer they can share that would be appreciated.



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