[wix-users] Can anyone point me to a working example of how to use EmbeddedChainer to launch a .msi from a .msi?

Gary Henry Gary.Henry at microfocus.com
Wed Oct 19 08:44:28 PDT 2022


I want to launch a .msi from another .msi but have not found a way to do that. All I could find was a note at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9194554/custom-wix-action-to-call-depending-msi-on-first-installation that says:
"Windows Installer doesn't allow two installations to run at the same time. Thus this approach will not work. What you need is MSI chaining. You can use the EmbeddedChainer<http://wix.sourceforge.net/manual-wix3/wix_xsd_embeddedchainer.htm> element"

If someone has a working example using EmbeddedChainer they can share that would be appreciated.



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