[wix-users] How to sign selective MSI packages in a bundle

Chuck Caldwell Chuck.Caldwell at WellSky.com
Wed May 25 14:08:59 PDT 2022

You need to use wix targets. 

This got me a lot of the way there.


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We sign our setup executables at the very end of the build process (first the engine then the bundle itself). However, since the bundles consist of many other MSI-s that we produce then when we try later after installation to launch some applications installed with those MSI packages, then if the launch requires elevated privileges then UAC pops up the window where it states that the publisher is unknown. Apparently, the setup executable itself is signed and shows the correct publisher.

How can we also sign the MSI packages (no all that are in a bundle, but those that we generate) that later our applications show the correct publisher at launch time (in the UAC popup)?


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