[wix-users] MS-RL License for existing dialogs

Michael Behrisch oss at behrisch.de
Sun Mar 6 01:54:51 PST 2022

Hi Rob Mensching,
thank you very much for answering!

Am 05.03.22 um 23:22 schrieb Rob Mensching:
>> I want to avoid to have code of potential incompatible licenses in my repo which is currently mainly Eclipse Public License v2.
> So you want us to deal with the incompatible licenses in our repo instead? Thanks but no thanks. :)

No, I just ask if you can put your dialogs under a more liberal license 
such as MIT or even put it in the public domain. These licenses ensure 
maximum "compatibility" and reduce the risk of an accidental license 
violation by someone who is just following your docs. (Also dual 
licensing could be an option.)

Technically everyone who copies and modifies the dialog and is not 
shipping a copy of MS-RL is already close to a license violation. I 
don't mean to imply that you do this intentionally, I just want to have 
this clean for my project.

Best regards,

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