[wix-users] ExePackage removed on upgrade

Parkes, Kevin kevin.parkes at wacom.com
Fri Feb 11 08:48:33 PST 2022

I have a bundle which includes an ExePackage plus a number of MsiPackages. On upgrade, the ExePackage is being removed.

The install log for new installer shows the cached old installer being called, with "-uninstall" towards the end of the process.
The log of the uninstall from the old installer shows State of MsiPackages as "Obsolete" and "uncache: Yes" (so they are just removed from the cache).
However, State of the ExePackage is "Present" and "ba requested: Absent" (so it gets uninstalled)

Any ideas why this is happening?
More importantly, any suggestions for how to fix it?

Kevin Parkes

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