[wix-users] We cannot delete the application without restarting Windows

k.dubailov at tradesoft.ru k.dubailov at tradesoft.ru
Fri Dec 9 01:19:07 PST 2022



We've come across a problem while updating the "Softaware and
components". When updating we see two installed apps: the new and the
old ones.
We can see in the logs that first the new version was installed and then
there was an attempt to delete the old version, but the deleting was not
finished because the restart of the system was required. After restart
of the PC deleting finishes without problems.
This behavior is not stable. In the logs you can find records like: Info
1903.Scheduling reboot operation: Deleting file [file name]. Must reboot
to complete operation. 

Also in the viewer we can see records from Microsoft
Windows-RestartManager with the message: the attempt to reboot the
app/service was failed.
The name of the file and the app is often looks like this
So it's not always clear why the restart of the system is required. 

Is it possible in the moment of installation/deleting to clarify that
the app is running and some files are busy and also try to close the
app/stop the service, so that RestartManagers wouldn't be asking for a
There are several apps and services In the distributive (wix Bundle) as
well as files, such as pdf, rtf etc. 


Konstantin Dubailov 

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