[wix-users] WIX package with extensions support using Sha2 algorithm

duggal_sunny at yahoo.com duggal_sunny at yahoo.com
Sun May 16 10:18:24 PDT 2021

Hello Team,


I am looking for a WIX package supporting Sha2 signed WIX extensions. Per
the current updates, as I see over web and in my company, Sha1 is not a
strong hashing algorithm anymore:
hms/ and thus it is not recommended/supported everywhere. Our installer and
patches have dependency on DiFxApp
(https://wixtoolset.org/documentation/manual/v3/xsd/difxapp/driver.html) and
we are using 3.14 WIX package.


I thought to open a feature request on github for Sha2 support in WIX,
however the triage indicates to first send email to the alias. So trying my
luck here first:)


Appreciate your help in this ask.




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