[wix-users] Creating a Minor Upgrade Shipped as a Full Installation Package

joel at techtonictools.com joel at techtonictools.com
Thu Feb 11 20:04:46 PST 2021

I need to deploy an updated binary to machines that already have the
package/app installed, I need to leave the registry alone so that the user
settings are preserved and also increment the version number. For machines
that don't already have the package/app, I need the same .msi to perform a
full install. 


The Microsoft documentation for the Windows Installer
says a Minor Upgrade can be shipped as a full installation package or as a
patch and that is the feature I'd like to use. But the Wix documentation for
Minor Upgrade points me to doing a patch instead. The book "Wix: A
Developers Guide to Windows Installer XML" also points to doing a patch.


Where can I learn how to use Wix to perform a Minor Upgrade shipped as a
full installation package? Any tips, pointers would be appreciated.

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