[wix-users] Block Legacy Installshield installer

Tobias Erichsen info at tobias-erichsen.de
Thu May 21 00:06:44 PDT 2020

Hi Rob,

thanks for the fast response - that part is already done & working nicely:

My burn-installer detects the software prior installed by the legacy installer and
stops with the message that the user needs to uninstall the "legacy" installer.

After the user uninstalls the legacy installer he can then successfully install
my new burn-based installer - that is all working fine.

What I'm trying to figure out if it is possible that my new burn-based installer can install some kind
of "blocker-msi" to prevent the old legacy Installshield installer to run in the future  (or let it abort very
early during the installation process)  to make sure that it does not mess up my new installation...

Best regards,

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on moving an installation process of an application that was formerly using a legacy Installshield (non-msi) Installer towards WiX/Burn.

I currently detect the presence of that application in my bootstrapper-code and abort the installation requesting the user to uninstall the old version.

During the installation I want to install some kind of "blocker-msi" which will prevent future execution of the old Installshield installer.

Does anyone have a good idea on how to do that?

Best regards,

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