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Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
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I wrote a custom MSI diff tool for an employer about 10 years.  The key was to make logical comparisons of meaningful stuff and not worry about some of the line noise.

I could easily write such a tool again if I knew what was important to you.

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Unfortunately many MSI tools are very old ones. To be honest I'd recommend re-discussing such a policy limiting in daily work with the employer.

Other UI Tools for comparison are SuperOrca ( http://www.pantaray.com/msi_super_orca.html - last update 2012!) or InstallShield. For InstallShield comparison I already got a partial wrong comparison (think was IS2010). As this is a No Go for a comparison tool I didn't use InstallShield for comparison anymore. InstEd is also my tool of choice for MSI comparison.

Maybe here using InstEd in a virtual environment might be a choice.

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