[wix-users] Transform XmlFile incorrectly uses default property values when using Change option

Bob Arnson bob at firegiant.com
Mon Feb 17 07:04:27 PST 2020

Properties passed from the UI sequence need to be Secure=yes.

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I'm struggling with XmlFile transform when using *Change *installer option. I created a setup with two optional product features, where each feature has an in-setup configuration that uses XmlFile to transform. 
Everything works correctly both for the first feature and a second for a normal installation.

However, when a user modifies installed application, for example when he wants to install additional feature, then transform for that feature always run with default property values - it doesn't respect property change from Control text.

Initially, I believed this is a bug and I create bug at github
https://github.com/wixtoolset/issues/issues/6126 (sorry guys) but its get closed - so I suppose I'm using WIX wrongly here. However I checked verbose logs and in my opinion, XmlFile still doesn't use correct property value. Logline with property changed:

MSI (c) (50:A0) [21:11:22:237]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Modifying COMPONENT2_SETTING property. Its current value is 'valueFromTransform'. 

Happened many lines before XmlFile action itself, so I think "XmlFile 
just uses whatever values are set at the time" don't occurs in this case.

To clarify what is my problem I created minimal problem reproduction 


And I record video with behaviour or upper installer:


Any tip/idea of how to make installer works in the way I expected?

Best regards,

Marcin Nowak

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