[wix-users] Issue with installation of software

clementjean.robert at free.fr clementjean.robert at free.fr
Wed Feb 19 13:07:44 PST 2020

Version of wix 3.9
Version of visual studio : 2017 community version 15.8.7
OS Windows 10

Good Morning,

I encounter a problem with installation of msi designed with wix 3.9.
I have developped a new version of a software which is 2.0.0.
The old version was 1.5.0.
When I uninstall first the old version and install the new one, I get an issue : the old version comes back.
In fact, it's like the system had kept in memory the old components and when I installed the new version it reinstall the old ones(with old files) and not the new components added in new version. However, Orca tool shows that the MSI contains my new files and new components.
One more, I don't understand why because I have followed the rule of adding an upgrade table which contains "upgrade version" element...
I have searched a long time on internet but I have never found the solution.
I hope someone could help me.
For more precisions in the logs only old components appears and at the end of logs product version installed is set to 1.5.0 instead of 2.0.0
and findrelatedproducts return 1


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