[wix-users] Optional passing of BootStrapper /q option to ExePackage

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Resolved.  See

--Rick Papo

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I've looked around a bit, but have not found a clear answer to this question
online: is it possible to pass the /quiet option from the bootstrapper
application command line down to an ExePackage command line?  In general,
people seem to be passing /quiet (or its equivalent) down to ExePackage
command lines explicitly.  Hard coding it.  But I am installing a VSIX,
using the VSIX installer helper, from the bootstrapper application because I
have found that it sometimes dies mysteriously if it is done from the MSI.
That is, it sometimes causes recursion in the Windows Installer.  But I have
found that when installing VSIX packages, it is best to show the user
interface, because if there are errors due to portions of Visual Studio
remaining in memory, the automatic recovery and error generated in such
cases causes problems.  And besides, when that happens, the user gets no
clue as to what is going on.

But, I have a customer who wants a completely silent install, compliant with
the /quiet command line options for the bootstrapper.

Any ideas?

--Rick Papo

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