[wix-users] The third part (1.0.X) of my product version number is not padded to 4 digits

Tigran Galoyan tigran.galoyan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 15:09:42 PDT 2020


In my wix project the product version number is generated by a tool and we
strictly want the 3rd component of the number to appear as it was generated.

Let's say the version number to use is 2.17.0043, then after the product is
installed I can see it omits the leading 0s from the third component of the
version showing it as 2.17.43. Even if I open the bootstrapper's outcome
setup executable file Properties and switch to the Details tab page then
the File or Product version are 2.17.43.

How can I preserve the 3rd part of the version to keep it's original
textual look 2.17.0043?



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