[wix-users] Burn: Making full and lite version of installer

Jonas Juffinger Jonas.Juffinger at creasoft.li
Tue Apr 28 07:35:06 PDT 2020

Hi all,

we have a software that is fairly small (a few MB), but needs some big software packages to run, for example .NET and MatLab.
We currently have two burn installers, one full installer containing all packages that is over a GB and a small one with only our application that has 8MB.
Our application is installed through WiX, the others are ExePackages with Permanent="yes".

Now to my question:
We would like to have, that the two installers behave like one. For example if the application was installed with the full installer also the small installer should detect the installation and show the interface with uninstall and repair and vise versa.
Is there an easy way to do that?

Thank you for your help,

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