[wix-users] Modify Button not available in wix standard bootstrapper. Only repair and uninstall can be seen

vijaybabu saravanan vijaybabu.saravanan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 09:04:37 PDT 2019

I have created msi and standard bootstrapper using WiX. After installing
the wix bootstrapper application, if i launch it again i m not able to see
change(modify) button instead i could see only repair and uninstall button.

for MSI i set the property REINSTALLMODE as "vamus". after doing this, when
i launch the msi, i m able to do change / repair/ uninstall for the msi.
But this doesnt work the same way for bootstrapper application as i don't
have the option for modify / change.

On relaunching the installed wix bootstrapper application, i am expecting
to have change / repair / uninstall options. but i m able to see only
repair / uninstall options.

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