[wix-users] Patch creation issue - Transform stream read/write failure

Aled Hughes wix at aledhughes.co.uk
Wed Oct 2 01:19:29 PDT 2019

A couple of updates on this issue with patch creation:

* As noted, the negative LastSequence number in the patched media table 
should be 5002 but instead is -27766 which happens to be 32768+5002 as a 
16-bit signed. (the original installer only has 32 files so there's no 
clash of sequence numbers here - if I start the patch media ID at 1000 
then effectively the same happens).
* I've tried creating the patch using the pcp route rather than pyro. 
All is well with this - the media table has got a correct LastSequence 
number and the patch can be applied.

I had a quick debug session through pyro to see where things may be 
going wrong with the lastsequence number but didn't spot anything 

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