[wix-users] Help with Add Remove Programs button

Linda Barnhart lbarnhart at timevalue.com
Thu Oct 31 12:50:14 PDT 2019

Hi all.

I have built an installer using wix v3 in VS 2017 Pro. My end result is an
exe. I have updated the WixUI_FeatureTree dialogs as needed and even added
a custom dialog – renaming all with a “My” in front. All works as expected
when installing our product. Yay – no easy feat.

An additional requirement of this project is to allow the user to update
the key they enter through the custom dialog via a button on the
MaintenanceTypeDlg seen from both Add Remove Programs and in maintenance
mode (if the exe is rerun). I got the button that should call the custom
dialog to display – looks great – but cannot get it to actually run the
dialog; nothing happens when the button is clicked.  I have this working in
a separate product’s installer using InstallShield, but cannot see what I
am missing here in WiX. It appears that even though all looks good on the
dialog, the program that I think should be controlling the buttons - WixUI_
MyFeatureTree.wxs - really isn’t.

Any suggestions on what I might be missing will be greatly appreciated.

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