[wix-users] custom windows service - disabling FilesInUse

David Bernhard d.bernhard at wbi.at
Sun Mar 31 06:30:18 PDT 2019

Hello wix-users,

I have an installer which installs a windows service (with apache prunsrv), so it's not installed by wix. And when I'm updating the application I'm always getting the "FilesInUse" dialog. Even though I'm stopping the service when uninstalling (but that's in a later sequence...).

To get rid of this dialog I tried several things.

*        Suppress the InstallValidate sequence

*        Use a ServiceControl to stop the service when uninstalling

*        Set MSIRESTARTMANAGERCONTROL to "Disable" (and "Disabled")

But none of them worked. Is the only solution to rebuild WixUIExtensions without the dialog?

I appreciate your help,

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