[wix-users] How to enforce candle.exe FIPS with -fips or <FipsCompliant>true</FipsCompliant>?

Malcolm G. mgideon at outlook.com
Wed Jun 5 13:38:16 PDT 2019

Our systems require the FIPS group policy to be enabled. When trying to get around the following error:

candle.exe(0,0): error CNDL0308: The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) appears to be enabled on the machine. You must either disable FIPS or use FIPS-compliant security algorithms to generate IDs by passing the -fips command-line switch or by setting true in your .wixproj project.

Where exactly should I be using the -fips parameter, or how should I use the <FipsCompliant>true</FipsCompliant> tag in my wixproj file? (is there a certain other tag it should be placed under)?

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