[wix-users] Debug custom action in VS2017

Lmloge lmloge at orange.fr
Fri Jan 25 02:19:24 PST 2019


After building a setup file
and while trying to install an application by running this setup file
something wrong is happening while executing a custom action.

To find out what's going wrong, I need to debug the code which is C/C++ 
code in Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.

To do that, I've put a "MessageBox()" function call in the custom action 
MessageBox(NULL, L"*** (Custom action) Please attach a debugger. ***", 
L"(Custom action) Debug", MB_OK);

When I start the installation, the message box pops up.

In Visual Studio 2017, I select the menu "Debug -> Attach to process...".
I select the entry in the "Available processes" list :
Process     | ... | Title                    | Type | User 
name             | Session
msiexec.exe | ... | (Custom action) Debug    | x86  | 
<hostname>\<username> | 9
and click "Attach".
<hostname> is my machine name.
<username> is my system user name.

I get the error message:
"Unable to attach to process. Access is denied."

I have tried to make it work with no success.

Can you advise me what to do to be able to debug my custom action code?

Thank you.
Best regards.

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