[wix-users] Wix Toolset - Can we add a new Feature in a wix msp patch (using a small update)

Mouni K mouni.c2cbit at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 01:54:55 PST 2019

Hi WixUsers,

We are working on a small update for our application. the below is what i
am doing-

1. We have a SampleFeature in our major release (SampleAppFirst.msi)

2. And now we need a change it to the feature which will need some files to
be removed from the existing installation. So we modified the SampleFeature
and generated the new msi, say SampleAppSecond.msi.

3. Using Wix toolset- we run the Pyro command but the Patch.msp creation
fails with the below error which occurs for a number of files that are

Removing component 'comp6105d295194744b080cf48cde3ea7264' from feature
'SampleFeature' is not supported. Either the component was removed or the
guid changed. Add the component back, undo the change to the component
guid, or remove the entire feature.

*My question here:-*

What to do to be able to deliver the changes in a Patch.msp. Can i add a
new feature altogether. Does wix allow us to add a new feature in a

Appreciate any help here.


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